Just the final image for my Sanjuro poster, sans info

pretty much exactly the same as the initial designs, but with the title space extended to fill the whole right side

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An assignment for Word and Image wherein we each chose a film to make a poster of. Being a huge fan of Akira Kurasawa and taking any excuse to draw Toshiro Mifune, I ended up choosing Sanjuro. Half the information is still missing from this poster, but I like it better this way, really.

You should watch this movie. Here is a trailer.

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gesture drawing is the best

Posemaniacs 30-60 sec.

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Another assignment from Junior Illustration class— this time doing the cover of OC Weekly, a free periodical in Orange County. The article they wanted an illustration for was pushing for a law to be passed in their region that, basically, could help drug addicts over 18 to recover. It centered around one son and mother in particular, so that’s the subject sitting precariously on the gavel there.

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An assignment for my Junior Illustration class— create a piece inspired by Handel’s Samson operetta. The pieces will be displayed at Symphony Hall during the Handel and Haydn Society’s performance.

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My first stuffed animal! I made it for a friend’s birthday and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a lot more, because this was really fun to make.

Go here for the free knitting pattern— Sara Elizabeth Kellner has a lot of cool stuffed animal patterns on her Ravelry account, and this is one of them. I made a few modifications— I put wire in the ears to make them poseable, added the little ribbon and flowers, and sewed a pompom onto the back for the tail.

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After seeing the jaw-dropping, eye-popping Metropolis again (the anime film screenwritten by Katsuhiro Otomo based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka) I had to have some fun with stylizing figures and faces.

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(Okay I know I’m pretty late on the whole witchsona thing, but here it is anyway!)

Here are my friends I would like you to meet;

Head Lopper, Wood Chopper

Patsy and Deet.

They’re great decoration,

so pretty and bright!

Even good transportation,

if you ask them just right.

But whatever your need,

be it friendly or foul,

just pluck up a reed,

and grab hold of an owl.

Give a whistle on the grass,

and coax a hoot from the bird,

I’ll arrive very fast;

toot-sweet’s the word.

I the Axe Summoner will have all you need,

from Head Lopper,

to Wood Chopper,

to Patsy,

to Deet.

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An assignment forJunior Illustration.

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I was listening to Gato’s Song from Chrono Trigger, and this little guy just popped into my head. A very energetic, big kid with big ideas about mechanics.

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